From the Director

on Friday, October 2, 2015
Assessment  ≠  Grading

When I went to school the process of getting grades was a simple matter, for students. We handed in our work  -- assignment, quiz, project or whatever it was -- and got it back a day or two later with a grade on it.

There might be gold star, or a few words scrawled in red at the top of the paper (“Big improvement here!”, or maybe “Not your best work -- what happened?!”),  some things circled and a check mark here and there; but only thing any of us were really looking at was the grade: a letter, or a number out of ten, or thirty-five, or a percentage.

Welcome a new colleague

Brandi Rogers is looking forward to the opportunity to work with many students as the new K-12 ESOL assistant. She comes to us from Jacksonville, NC, along with her husband Paul and their children, Julia and James. Brandi enjoys photography, scrapbooking and reading. She is excited to share her Malian journey with AISB.

Upcoming Events

October 8 Grade 2/3 (Ms Aafke's Class) Presentation at Elementary Assembly
Board Presentation to Parents on School Finances
FOCUS and Google Classroom for Parents
October 9MAP Testing (Grades 1-10) completed
October 13 PTO Halloween planning meeting
October 14PSAT for Grade 11/12
October 15 Grade 4/5 (Ms. Fezekas' Class) Presentation at Elementary Assembly
October 21 Last Day of Quarter 1
October 22-25 Fall Long Weekend - No classes
October 29 Grade 1/2/3 French Presentation at Elementary Assembly
October 30 After School Activities for Quarter 1 end
October 31 PTO Halloween Carnival
November 6 Parent-Teacher Conferences

BYOD Has Landed at AISB

After many months of planning and consultation within the AISB community, the BYOD program has been launched at AISB.

While there have been a handful of teething problems, as with any new program, the BYOD program can quite confidently be regarded a success. Among the many benefits of the new system have opportunities to make consistent use of online resources, such as Google Classroom, to improve student learning. Learning, both independent and collaborative, can occur spontaneously, which helps our students develop their skills as lifelong learners. Having more computers also means greater opportunities for individualized instruction, to meet the individual needs of students.
A number of minor challenges have resulted from the introduction of BYOD:

  • Our students require technical support for a number of different operating systems, in many languages (fortunately, we usually know what icons to look for!) 

Understanding Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful, easy-to-use (and free!) online system that lets students and teachers share information and resources easily, and helps students manage their assignments --and their time-- effectively.

Parents and students are invited to an information evening Thursday October 8 at 7:30pm in the Library, on how schools (including AISB) are using Google Classroom to support student learning.

Hope to see you there!

The AISB Library and Follett

The AISB Library collection is managed using Follet Destiny, a very powerful tool that allows you to explore our collection wherever you are connected to the Internet.

You can access AISB’s Destiny system here; a link is also provided on FOCUS and the AISB website. Once you are on the page, you have different search options, as shown below. No login is required.

Parents are welcome to check out novels from the library for their personal reading, as well as other resources for sharing with children.

“Reading Rockets”: Reading Tips for Parents
Reading together with children is a great way to encourage their reading skills –and, even more importantly, their love of reading. And it’s a great way to spend time together as well. This link takes you to “Reading Rockets,” a great resource for parents interested in fostering good reading habits for children. 

Contact Mr. Kone at: if you have any questions.
AISB Librarian

Calling all parents!

 On October 8th we are hosting a double event at the school:

The Annual Board Presentation to the Parents on the financial state of the school will be held from 6 to 7pm in the library

A workshop on how secondary parents can use our FOCUS student information system and Google Classroom to support their child's learning.  Bring your child along and have them bring a laptop!  7 to 7:45, in the library

We’ll be glad to see you.


PTO Call for Volunteers for Halloween

Dear PTO parents,

Halloween is coming up!! Not only is this a great party for the children, it is also a big fundraiser for the PTO. We expect 600 people or more.

We need all the help we can get to organize this big event. And of course we first turn to the parents who are active PTO members.

To be extra effective, we want to work in four teams. We have a chair for each team but we need your help!

1. Team Trick and Treats. We need 2 or 3 parents to help. This team will coordinate the Trick or Treat in school and outside too. This team is in charge of the decorations for the Trick or Treat places, and takes care of the candy of course. It has to be exciting for the children. So if you like candy, decorating and dressing up, join this team!

2. Team Games. We need 2 or 3 parents to organize the games. We have lots of good ideas from last year. High School grade 10 will help and organize some of those games under the supervision of the experienced 11th graders. But we need parents to help too. So if you like games and Halloween, join this team!

3. Team Food and Beverage. We need 2 parents to help plan and organize all the finger-food and drinks for Halloween. This team is about planning and buying. On the evening of Halloween they will get extra volunteers to help them serve and sell food. If you want to have influence on what there is to eat or drink, join this team!!

4. Team Logistics. We need 2 parents for this team. Logistics concerns all other things to help organize Halloween. Think of music, smoke machine, tickets, advertising, posters, the costume sale and what else comes to mind. So if you are an organizer, join this team!!

Send your name and phone number and the team you would like to join to and lend us a hand!!

High School Trip to Kangaba

Each year, AISB organizes a trip for high school students to Kangaba, a village located about 50km away from Bamako.

This year, students got opportunities to do sports in teams, build friendships and share ideas about student organization and leadership. It was a totally successful trip.

7th Grade Poetry Fieldtrip

This month 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to a small island owned by the famous Malian musician Salif Keita. The goal was to immerse them into nature in search of inspiration for writing poetry. The students also took pictures of plants, trees and flowers and then identified the different flora that was found on the island.

Here are some pictures of the fun and learning that happened on the island. \

This month, 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to a small island owned by the famous Malian musician Salif Keita.

Scholastic Book Orders

Deadline extended to October 6!