Medieval Festival

on Monday, June 1, 2015
In late March, AISB’s 6th grade embarked on a time travel adventure.  We immersed ourselves in the Middle Ages, the time between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance period.  While often referred to as the Dark Age, we soon learned it was anything but dark.  Students were assigned a specific role, from the all-powerful Pope to the lowly serf.  Each student carefully researched and then became their particular character giving life to research.  Students completed interactive research logs about their character, wrote historical fiction journal entries about what living in the Middle Ages in that role would be like, found historical characters and events to interact with and then became them last week.

From researching daily life, to dress, to setting, to place in society; our students gained not only knowledge of the Middle Ages but learned much about setting deadlines, planning projects and time management.

Pope Mell

Along the way we tried our hand at ballad writing, read some great works of fiction and nonfiction, created Coats of Arms to represent our modern families using African prints, and sang to some of our teachers. As you can see from the photos, it was a wonderfully immersive and exciting time to be a 6th grade time traveler!

Amanda Leavitt
Grade 6 LA/Humanities Teacher


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