on Monday, June 1, 2015

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

It is with excitement and sadness that I write the final newsletter for the 2014-2015 school year.  The year was marked by a steady increase in student numbers. I am pleased to tell you that these look set to continue next school year.

We made some major achievements during the year. We finally had the “definitive reception” of the AISB facility. This is stage one of the master building plan. Stage two (25m swimming pool) is budgeted for next school year. Thanks to the generosity of the US State Department, street lighting was recently installed along the dirt access road to the school. As well as improving security in the area around the school, the local children have a new nighttime playground!

Educationally, our students have made above average academic growth (as measured by the MAP scores) as well as grown socially and emotionally. Our school-wide goal of integrating service learning into the K-12 curriculum has also helped students develop a better understanding of those less fortunate than themselves, develop empathy and apply their learning to local issues while also learning from local children and experts. This is set to continue and be further developed next school year. This year we split the MS and HS to give both sections of the secondary school a distinct identity. This has been successful and more appropriate to meet the social and educational needs of our students.

We are all looking forward to the summer vacation but this also means that we have to farewell some members of our AISB community. The following students will leave at the end of this week. We will miss all these students and their families and hope that they have enjoyed their time at AISB and will have fond memories and will stay in touch with their friends and teachers. We wish them all the very best at their new schools.
  • Solenn Gauddisart – PreK 3
  • Madani Kwekam – PreK 4
  • Mackenzie Chandler – Kg
  • Paul Gaudissart – Kg
  • Ambre Bijan Plilippart - Kg
  • Fiona Gauddisart – Grade 1
  • Jackson Chandler – Grade 1
  • Josephine Kaleve – Grade 3
  • Maxwell Briggs – Grade 3
  • Bijan Plilippart – Grade 4
  • Marc Zoungrana – Grade 6
  • Likeal Poulet- Grade 7
  • Mathies Dicko – Grade 7
  • Nego Matsinghe – Grade 7
  • Joseph Kamano – Grade 10
  • Loic Poulet – Grade 10
We also have a large number of faculty members leaving us to move on to other international schools or other endeavors around the world:

  • Christina Arn –Working on local art and ecological art projects
  • Suzanne Anderson - International School of El Tigre, Venezuela
  • Jeff Brown – To be decided
  • Jeff Fessler – Shanghai American School
  • Jamey Young - Shanghai American School
  • Mela O’Brien – Further study - Special Needs Teaching
  • Amanda Leavitt – World Academy of Tirana
  • Chelsea Wilson – Nansha College Preparatory Academy
  • Abby Wilson – Jakarta Intercultural School
  • Matt Kelsey - Nansha College Preparatory Academy
  • Jenise Thompson - To spend more time with family
  • Tikva Chofi – To be decided

I am sure you join me in thanking them all for their service to AISB and to your children and wish them all the very best.

The Final Week

Elementary and Middle School students have a normal week of school this week.

High School students have exams through until Wednesday.

Grade 9-11 students are not required to attend school on Thursday. However all graduation students are expected to be at school by 8:00a.m. on Thursday for a special graduation breakfast and a graduation practice. They need to arrive for the ceremony by 5:30p.m. on Thursday evening.

Friday – Students will be dismissed at 11:45
All students should come to school as normal on Friday. There will be final class activities and cleaning up. There will be a whole school assembly beginning at 10:45a.m. This will include:
- The presentation of honor roll certificates to secondary school students
- The presentation of President’s Awards to grade 4 & 5 students
- The intra-murals award
- Entertainment from some students from all sections of the school
- Farewells to students
- Farewells to staff

Students will be dismissed from the assembly at 11:45. Parents are very welcome to attend.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.


I would like to thank all our teachers and assistants for the work they have done with our students this year. AISB is very fortunate to have teachers who go “the extra mile” for their students. Being a small school they do many different things, “wearing many hats”. I thank them for their dedication to the school and our students.

As most of us head off on holidays, our office staff and support staff are preparing to do the summer maintenance work around the school and making preparations for next school year. They will be taking their annual leave on a rotational basis but the school office will be open throughout the holiday from 9:00 -3:00 each day except for public holidays.

Last Thursday, “Ms Jacoby Day” was quite a surprise! While I knew that there was going to be a farewell assembly I had no idea what the school community had put together. I felt very honored and humbled. Thank-you for your support throughout this year and over my last four years at AISB – it has been quite the ride! I know I will miss AISB and Mali very much – it is a special place. However, the international school world is small and I hope that I will be able to welcome some of you to the International School of Uganda in the future.

 I wish you and your family a safe, happy and relaxing summer vacation. I know my successor, Brad Waugh is very excited to be joining the AISB community. He will be here from July 25th and I know he is looking forward to seeing you when you return from holidays. School recommences on August 18 for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

Happy Holidays and Farewell,
Caroline Jacoby


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