Genius Hour by Bijan Philippart, Grade 4

on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Genius Hour was a really fun thing to do as an after school activity. When we first started I had a billion questions like how are we going to know what we should do or how are we going to know our subject. So Mr. Fessler showed us some ideas children had. And Genius Hour was created by Google. Each employee had an hour to work on their project. Did you know that Gmail was created by an employee in Google? I had many, many ideas but I chose one: What were the first creatures to walk on earth? In the beginning of the activity I thought that my idea was the worst because there was no exact answer. On a website it said that it was a giant scorpion. The first day I did my PowerPoint I felt proud of myself that I did all that research. But it  was hard to put in place. When I was finally done I was just so excited that I was going to present it. And I also made a clay model about their habitats. I did a lot of research. I was proud that lots of people liked it.


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