Epic Soccer Match

on Tuesday, April 28, 2015
On April the 23rd, our AISB boys soccer team had a friendly match against the AISB faculty and staff. Previously, our AISB boys had never beaten the faculty and staff in a match. Our boys were determined to change their record against the faculty and staff on a hot Thursday afternoon measuring 43 degrees Celsius. Our boys proved to be men as they astonished their respectable opponents to beat them by a lofty 10-1 scoreline in the burning heat. Shady Daoud scored early in the first half to give our boys the lead. Jonathan Tannous extended the boys' lead to 2-0 with a powerful shot a couple of minutes later. The first half ended with a 3-0 scoreline for the boys with another goal scored by our team captain, Shady Daoud. In the second half, the goals were raining for the boys as Hussein Kone scored a stunner, his second rocket this season, Thierno Issabre scored two honorable goals including a spectacular diving header, and Shady Daoud scored another stunning four goals to end the match in a record win for our boys. At the end, there were smiles all over as everyone thoroughly enjoyed the friendly encounter.

Over time, our boys have improved dramatically having an unbeaten record in the year of 2015. This record was made all the more special as two months ago our boys beat Stade Malien, a professional football club in Mali, 5-2. A special mention goes to our coach, Mr. Sabry Daoud, who has taken a group of friends and changed them into strongest team the AISB school has ever had.

"I think that the boys are very supportive of each other which makes them a great team!" - Michaella Mutoni, enthusiastic supporter

"It was more fun than the other games we had because there was no tension between the two teams. I enjoyed playing a really friendly game just to have fun without having the idea of winning in mind. It was an unforgettable experience for me." - Louis Racicot

"I was very surprised by how good they were... although they are about twice our age, they still can play very well. I also want to thank the supporters that came even though they were busy studying for the final exams, I really felt the school spirit. I hope we'll continue to win all the next matches and perhaps go for a national championship..." - Thierno Issabre

"I think everyone, not only the players, who came to the match enjoyed the game. Everyone was happy. There were smiles all over the place. The atmosphere was simply amazing. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all the people that came to watch and support us. I would also like to thank the faculty and staff who took time out of their busy schedule to play against us. We would love to play against them again in the upcoming weeks and would encourage all of you to come and enjoy the game. I would also like to thank Ms. Caroline Jacoby, our school director, for permitting us to organize the game." - Shady Daoud

"The boys have grown from classmates into a happy family. What is more impressive than their talent is their team spirit and togetherness. I only have good words to say for the boys. I am truly amazed at their progress and effort. I am also very proud of every single one of the guys."  - Sabry Daoud, Coach
Tired janitors taking a rest at the end of the game.
The boys team members are:


  • Anwar Daoud
  • Cheick Kone


  • Fousseiny Diallo
  • Yannick Nelen
  • Hussein Kone
  • Cedric Segdo
  • Achille Niyonkuru
  • Mohamed Toure
  • Axel Ganga
  • Louis Racicot
  • Ivan Suarez
  • Raphael Mbonyingingo
  • Ivan Suarez
  • Jonathan Tannous
  • Joseph Kamano
  • Thierno Issabre 
  • Raymond Tuyishime
  • Shady Daoud (c) 
  • Christian Loupeda


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