on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dear Parents,

I hope you are surviving the very hot weather. Please do continue to remind your children to have a water bottle (named) at school to drink plenty of water.

Congratulations to Sira, our PreK 3/4 teaching assistant, who recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Fatoumata. We are pleased to welcome Sira back to school this week.

Thanks to those of you who has inquired after Brad Waugh, our incoming Director, who currently works in Kathmandu at Lincoln School. He sends his thanks for your concern. Thankfully members of their school community are safe, however as I am sure you know, thousands of people in Nepal have lost their lives.  Communications and information are limited in Kathmandu and people are anxious as after shocks continue. I am sure you will join me in keeping Brad, his wife Renee and everyone in Nepal in our thoughts and prayers.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

There will be no regular classes for students on Friday 8th May. Instead parents are invited to come to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss the progress your child has made during the year, how they have progressed in the goals set for them and areas for them to continue working on. Teachers will also share the results of MAP tests with parents. More information about signing up for interviews will follow this week.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Good luck to the 28 students who will be taking a total of 56 AP exams in the May. These exams are for college level courses. Our students have worked hard throughout the year and we wish them all the very best for these external exams. While it is important to study before these exams, it is also very important to sleep and exercise and eat well too. Parents please remind your children to do this, so that they can do their very best on their exams.

Building Work

Some of you will have noticed construction work at the front of the school in the car-park area. We are building a storage room to store school furniture and equipment. It will be completed over the summer.


One of the difficult aspects of the transient life many of us lead is saying good-bye to friends and colleagues. As usual a number of students, families and teachers will be moving on to new schools at the end of this school year. Teachers and I are working on making this transition as smooth as possible for the new teachers and administration and of course students.

To help children deal with transition, it is important to give them to opportunity to say farewell to friends. The following article provides tips for those preparing to leave: http://www.expatcounselingandcoaching.com/its-that-time-of-year-again-when-we-have-to-say-goodbye/
For those of you who are staying in Bamako, don’t underestimate the sense of loss your children (and you) may feel if their close friend(s) are leaving. Take time to spend time with friends who are leaving.

Enjoy the last month of school and stay cool.

All the best,
Caroline Jacoby


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