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on Monday, March 16, 2015
Greetings AISB Community!

During our last board meeting held on February 19th, 2015 many items were been discussed and approved. We found the item of publishing board minutes to the AISB website something we needed to discuss. In a recent survey of international schools around the world, results showed, out of 100 schools, only 6 made minutes of their board meetings public. With some critical, and at times sensitive discussions and decisions taking place during board meetings, we do not feel that posting minutes publicly is beneficial for AISB. As a board we have made the decision to not post minutes to the school website effective immediately. For our AISB community, minutes will now be available through the AISB director upon request. Also, please remember, that all association members (parents of AISB students and faculty) are welcome at AISB Board Meetings.
We appreciate your understanding,
AISB Board

Amendment to the AISB Articles of Association
Thank-you to all parents and teachers who took the time to vote to amend the AISB Articles of Association. We need more people to vote to have the amendment passed. If you haven't already voted, please send your vote into school this week.

What Does the AISB Board Do?

The AISB Board  are the governors of the school. One of their main roles is to select and evaluate the Director. The current board did this earlier in the year and as you know have appointed Brad Waugh, as AISB’s new director to commence in August 2015. One of next year’s goals will be to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and to support Brad as he settles into AISB.

In addition, the board is responsible for setting strategic direction. What do we want the school to be like in 10 years time? What should the school offer to our students? What should it look like? How are we going to get there? Next year, the board will be developing a strategic plan to help guide the school over the coming years.

Finally the board is responsible for the financial oversight of the school.

Consider Running for the Board
Serving on the board is a great way of getting to really know your child’s school. It is an opportunity to help govern the school and set its direction for now and the future. We try to ensure diversity of background, nationality and experience on our board. If you are interested in the possibility of serving on the board, please speak to a current board member (see below) or the Director, Caroline Jacoby.

AISB Board 2014-15

  • Helene N'Garnim-Ganga
  • Daniel F. McCullough
  • Jan Kees de Nooijer
  • Rachel Chandler
  • Sonia Guillotin-Ke├»ta
  • Mamadou Sow
  • Chance Briggs
  • Mike Diamond
  • Caroline Jacoby

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday 17th March, 17:30 -19:30 in the AISB conference room

Security Issues
Planning for 2015-2016
All parents and teachers are welcome


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