From the Director

on Friday, October 2, 2015
Assessment  ≠  Grading

When I went to school the process of getting grades was a simple matter, for students. We handed in our work  -- assignment, quiz, project or whatever it was -- and got it back a day or two later with a grade on it.

There might be gold star, or a few words scrawled in red at the top of the paper (“Big improvement here!”, or maybe “Not your best work -- what happened?!”),  some things circled and a check mark here and there; but only thing any of us were really looking at was the grade: a letter, or a number out of ten, or thirty-five, or a percentage.

Welcome a new colleague

Brandi Rogers is looking forward to the opportunity to work with many students as the new K-12 ESOL assistant. She comes to us from Jacksonville, NC, along with her husband Paul and their children, Julia and James. Brandi enjoys photography, scrapbooking and reading. She is excited to share her Malian journey with AISB.

Upcoming Events

October 8 Grade 2/3 (Ms Aafke's Class) Presentation at Elementary Assembly
Board Presentation to Parents on School Finances
FOCUS and Google Classroom for Parents
October 9MAP Testing (Grades 1-10) completed
October 13 PTO Halloween planning meeting
October 14PSAT for Grade 11/12
October 15 Grade 4/5 (Ms. Fezekas' Class) Presentation at Elementary Assembly
October 21 Last Day of Quarter 1
October 22-25 Fall Long Weekend - No classes
October 29 Grade 1/2/3 French Presentation at Elementary Assembly
October 30 After School Activities for Quarter 1 end
October 31 PTO Halloween Carnival
November 6 Parent-Teacher Conferences

BYOD Has Landed at AISB

After many months of planning and consultation within the AISB community, the BYOD program has been launched at AISB.

While there have been a handful of teething problems, as with any new program, the BYOD program can quite confidently be regarded a success. Among the many benefits of the new system have opportunities to make consistent use of online resources, such as Google Classroom, to improve student learning. Learning, both independent and collaborative, can occur spontaneously, which helps our students develop their skills as lifelong learners. Having more computers also means greater opportunities for individualized instruction, to meet the individual needs of students.
A number of minor challenges have resulted from the introduction of BYOD:

  • Our students require technical support for a number of different operating systems, in many languages (fortunately, we usually know what icons to look for!) 

Understanding Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful, easy-to-use (and free!) online system that lets students and teachers share information and resources easily, and helps students manage their assignments --and their time-- effectively.

Parents and students are invited to an information evening Thursday October 8 at 7:30pm in the Library, on how schools (including AISB) are using Google Classroom to support student learning.

Hope to see you there!

The AISB Library and Follett

The AISB Library collection is managed using Follet Destiny, a very powerful tool that allows you to explore our collection wherever you are connected to the Internet.

You can access AISB’s Destiny system here; a link is also provided on FOCUS and the AISB website. Once you are on the page, you have different search options, as shown below. No login is required.

Parents are welcome to check out novels from the library for their personal reading, as well as other resources for sharing with children.

“Reading Rockets”: Reading Tips for Parents
Reading together with children is a great way to encourage their reading skills –and, even more importantly, their love of reading. And it’s a great way to spend time together as well. This link takes you to “Reading Rockets,” a great resource for parents interested in fostering good reading habits for children. 

Contact Mr. Kone at: if you have any questions.
AISB Librarian

Calling all parents!

 On October 8th we are hosting a double event at the school:

The Annual Board Presentation to the Parents on the financial state of the school will be held from 6 to 7pm in the library

A workshop on how secondary parents can use our FOCUS student information system and Google Classroom to support their child's learning.  Bring your child along and have them bring a laptop!  7 to 7:45, in the library

We’ll be glad to see you.


PTO Call for Volunteers for Halloween

Dear PTO parents,

Halloween is coming up!! Not only is this a great party for the children, it is also a big fundraiser for the PTO. We expect 600 people or more.

We need all the help we can get to organize this big event. And of course we first turn to the parents who are active PTO members.

To be extra effective, we want to work in four teams. We have a chair for each team but we need your help!

1. Team Trick and Treats. We need 2 or 3 parents to help. This team will coordinate the Trick or Treat in school and outside too. This team is in charge of the decorations for the Trick or Treat places, and takes care of the candy of course. It has to be exciting for the children. So if you like candy, decorating and dressing up, join this team!

2. Team Games. We need 2 or 3 parents to organize the games. We have lots of good ideas from last year. High School grade 10 will help and organize some of those games under the supervision of the experienced 11th graders. But we need parents to help too. So if you like games and Halloween, join this team!

3. Team Food and Beverage. We need 2 parents to help plan and organize all the finger-food and drinks for Halloween. This team is about planning and buying. On the evening of Halloween they will get extra volunteers to help them serve and sell food. If you want to have influence on what there is to eat or drink, join this team!!

4. Team Logistics. We need 2 parents for this team. Logistics concerns all other things to help organize Halloween. Think of music, smoke machine, tickets, advertising, posters, the costume sale and what else comes to mind. So if you are an organizer, join this team!!

Send your name and phone number and the team you would like to join to and lend us a hand!!

High School Trip to Kangaba

Each year, AISB organizes a trip for high school students to Kangaba, a village located about 50km away from Bamako.

This year, students got opportunities to do sports in teams, build friendships and share ideas about student organization and leadership. It was a totally successful trip.

7th Grade Poetry Fieldtrip

This month 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to a small island owned by the famous Malian musician Salif Keita. The goal was to immerse them into nature in search of inspiration for writing poetry. The students also took pictures of plants, trees and flowers and then identified the different flora that was found on the island.

Here are some pictures of the fun and learning that happened on the island. \

This month, 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to a small island owned by the famous Malian musician Salif Keita.

Scholastic Book Orders

Deadline extended to October 6!

on Friday, August 28, 2015
Welcome to a new year at AISB

All of us who work in education can tell you that there really is something special about the beginning of a new school year. Returning students greet their friends as though they’ve been a world apart -- as indeed many of them have-- and the campus full of energy and excitement, noisy and happy, with a fresh start for everyone. A school without students is like a restaurant without guests; and after the quiet, intense early days of preparing for students' arrival, it is quite a relief to all of us to hear the first lockers banging and the first happy shrieks.

Of course the new school year also brings new friends.  AISB is pleased to welcome its new students and their families into the community, as well as new members of the faculty. And as one of the newcomers to the AISB community myself, I can vouch for the warm welcome AISB gives its newest members. You'll find short bios of our new faculty below.  

There are a number of important announcements and invitations in this month's newsletter. I'd like to mention one in particular:  our hardworking PTO will host its annual Back to School Barbecue next Saturday, September 5th, from 1pm to 3pm, and we hope to see you there!  Please contact Mrs. Oumou Dramé as soon as possible, to indicate how many of your family and guests will attend. The PTO is also requesting volunteers to help with selling tickets, serving food, and so on, on that day; please see their invitation, below, for more information. 

We would like to send a sincere thank-you to our Parent Teacher Organization for organizing the barbecue; you are instrumental in helping to build the warm, supportive community that AISB is famous for.  

I am extremely happy to welcome you all to the 2015-16 school year at AISB. The school's numbers and program are growing steadily, the kids are glad to be back, and we're looking forward to a great year.

See you at school,  
Brad Waugh


September Calendar

August 31
Quarter 1 After School Activities (ASAs) begin
September 3
08:00: Elementary School Assembly in the MPR
Pre-K Welcome Back to School
 19:00: Back to School Open House, K – Grade 12
September 5
Welcome Back to School BBQ at AISB
Sept. 10 - 11
High School trip to Kangaba
September 12
ACT Test 
September 17
Board meeting
September 21 - 25
Tabaski Break
September 28
PD Day: No school for students
Sept. 29 – Oct 9
MAP testing
October 3
SAT Test


New Faculty Bios

Renee Comesotti
Renée Comesotti was born in Vancouver, Canada and studied at the University of British Columbia, Queen's University (Kingston) and Athabasca University.  In her fourteen years’ experience she has taught Literature, Theory of Knowledge and a wide variety of cross-disciplinary courses for high school students in Bolivia, Sudan and Nepal. She has a master’s degree in International Education from Endicott College Massachusetts, and many years’ experience working with teachers as a curriculum coordinator.

Renée and her husband Brad Waugh have two grown daughters: Kieran, who is currently living and working in Vancouver, and Céilidhe, who teaches at The American School of Kinshasa.

Shannon Dunn
Shannon Dunn is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  While working on her Bachelor’s degree, Shannon spent time studying French in Lille, France. In 1999, Shannon received her Bachelor’s Degree in French with an emphasis in Humanities. Upon graduation, she spent time in Roubaix, France working as an English Assistant. Over the next few years she taught preschool and worked at a local Veterinary Clinic. Shannon returned to university to obtain a teaching certificate for K-6 Elementary and K-8 French. In 2012, Shannon moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE where she taught local children as an English Medium Teacher. Here she worked with grade 2 in a boys school and later as a kindergarten teacher. In the UAE, Shannon lived deep in the desert near the Saudi Arabia border with Bedouin people and camels where she enjoyed life as an expat while learning about a culture new to her. In her spare time she enjoys music, reading, time with friends, and working with animal rescue organizations. Shannon will be teaching kindergarten and is excited to be a part of the school and community.

Maggie Fezekas
Maggie Fezekas comes to us from Chicago, IL, USA and will be teaching grades 4 and 5 for the 2015-2016 school year.  She graduated from the University of Missouri and has five years of teaching experience.  She is an avid traveler and has taught at international schools in many different countries including Vietnam, Venezuela, and Paraguay.  She also lived in the Czech Republic after graduating from university.  Maggie loves reading, learning new languages, animals, yoga, and spending quality times with friends and family.  She can’t wait to meet her new students and become a part of the AISB community.  She is excited to make Bamako her home for many years to come.

Laura Forgie
Laura originally comes from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in the midst of the Canadian prairies….flat land, big open skies, hot dry summers and long cold winters!

Her education degree is in Arts Education; teaching creative and educational art, dance, drama, literature and music.  Laura mainly taught these subjects (along with math, language arts and computers) to middle school students during her career in Regina.  Some of her best dance compositions came from her grade 8 boys!

While in Regina, Laura was a leader in the middle eastern dance community, teaching many classes and producing yearly dance shows.  She also facilitated circle dance workshops on a regular basis.  Laura is a trained aromatherapist, as well as a Reiki and Zen Shiatsu practitioner.  She likes to call herself a Jacqueline-of-all-trades!  In 2001, Laura moved overseas to teach in Laos.  Initially hired to teach French, she ended up becoming the K-12 Librarian and IT Coordinator at Vientiane International School.  There was a very steep learning curve that first year, but she learned a lot about being an effective librarian and the best way to integrate technology into teaching.  She also learned more about computers and LAN systems than she ever thought she wanted to know!

After 7 years in Laos, Laura moved to Malaysia where she was the secondary school teacher librarian at Mont’Kiara International School.  There she worked closely with International Baccalaureate students on their Extended Essays, and worked with all teachers and students grade 6-12 on research skills, and inspiring a love of reading.

There were a lot of personal ups and downs in life since Laura moved overseas and in 2013 she knew she needed a change….or at least a break from her more than 20 years of teaching.  She took some time to relax and recharge and explored creative outlets making silver jewellery and photographic art.

When the position at AISB came up to teach art and drama, Laura knew that this was the job for which she’d been biding her time!  She is very excited to be teaching something so fun and creative again and can’t wait to work with the students, sharing artistic ideas.

Laura and her cat, Nooks, are looking forward to their Mali adventure!

Sarah Lapidus
Sarah Lapidus is excited to be teaching science for grades 8 through 12 at AISB!  Last year, she worked for an education company in Cambridge, Massachusetts designing curriculum for schools.  Before that, she taught high school science in Sierra Leone in the Peace Corps.

Sarah is originally from New Jersey.

Veronique Mayer
Veronique Mayer is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she was brought up in a large, francophone family.  She will be teaching grade 6 and 7 science and math as well as middle and high school health. Veronique loves soccer and has played since she was 10 years old.  She has played at the national, major league, and university levels.  She graduated from the University of Alberta where she represented the school as an elite athlete for five years.  She is also passionate about coaching and has coached a variety of sports at many levels.  She has been the Athletic Director at two different schools.  She is currently teaching middle school Science in Edmonton and loves being in the classroom.  She taught for two years in Paraguay and she is thrilled for another international experience, becoming part of the AISB community.

Tammi McCune
Tammi McCune has lived in Bamako for a year and is happy to be part of the AISB community, along with her husband, Dan, and their daughters, Elena and Lily.

Tammi enjoys traveling with her family and previously lived in Venezuela, India, and Kyrgyzstan.

Blessing Okoduwa
Blessing is joining AISB this year as an assistant in the PreK-4 classroom. She comes from Nigeria.

We are very glad she can join us here.

Bill Owens
Bill Owens grew up in New York City and attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh where he received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.  After university he taught English in Yamagata, Japan for two years before joining the Peace Corps in Cameroon.  Bill served as an agroforestry volunteer in a small francophone village near the capital, Yaounde.  While in Cameroon he met his wife, Kelly.  He returned to New York and taught in a public school while getting two Master’s’ degrees.  After a short stint in Alexandria, Egypt, Bill returned to Cameroon and taught middle and high school English and social studies for six years.  At AISB, he will teach middle school humanities.  Bill is excited about getting AISB students involved in Mali and its rich culture.  He is an Afrophile who is interested in learning Bambara and becoming part of the AISB family.

Kelly Owens
Kelly was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA).  She attended the University of Dayton (Ohio), where she studied history, and was the co-captain of the women’s golf team.  After graduating from university, Kelly joined the Peace Corps.  She served as an English teacher, in a small francophone village, in Cameroon.  During her assignment, she met Bill.  Bill and Kelly then moved to New York City, where Kelly got an M.A. from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, while teaching English at a high school for newly arrived immigrants.  After four years in New York, Kelly and Bill had the urge to move abroad.  After one year in Alexandria, Egypt, they spent the last six years teaching at the American School of Yaounde.  While in Cameroon, Kelly and Bill expanded their family and have two boys - Liam five and Seamus three.  Kelly is very excited about coming to AISB.  She will be teaching high school social studies.  As a student of African history, Kelly is thrilled to have the opportunity to finally teach this course.  In addition, Kelly is looking forward to learning more about Mali -- a history she has been fascinated with since university --  as well as learning Bambara and joining the AISB family.

Laura Sanders
After many years working in international development, Laura Sanders is excited for a change of pace.  Laura will be teaching Algebra I for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders.

This is Laura's second year in Bamako and first year with AISB.

Djeneba Sountera
Djeneba (Inna) Sountera joins AISB as a Grade 3 classroom assistant.
Djeneba comes from Mali.

We are very glad she can join us here.

Marcus Tanner
Marcus Tanner comes to AISB to continue Matt Kelsey’s work in the provision of IT education from Cairns, Australia. He has been involved in education since 1994, and has worked as a classroom teacher, head of department and education adviser. This has all taken place in a number of locations, from remote indigenous communities on Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands, Australia, to the tiny island nation of Nauru in the Central Pacific. Aside from IT, Marcus has also recently been teaching History and Geography at Trinity Bay State High School in Cairns, Australia.
Outside of school, an important interest for Marcus has been serving with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard in Cairns. He realises that continuing similar activities in Mali will be difficult, and is keen to explore and experience what Bamako has to offer.
He promises to not make anyone eat Vegemite!

Attie van den Berg
Attie van den Berg will be teaching Pre K3. She is from the Netherlands, and has a home in the Friesland province with her three daughters. She has been working as a teacher for 15 years in Holland. She is a creative, caring and sincere, with patience and humor. Over the last 4 years she has travelled to Mali several times and has loved it. She has traveled from Niafunke down to the border with Guinea and Senegal. She loves Mali for her friendly people, beautiful nature and rich culture.

Attie loves nature and growing vegetables and flowers in her garden leaving the crops for her daughters to harvest. Other hobbies are swimming, walking with the dog, cycling, reading and spending time with friends and family.  She loves music from John Coltrane to Van Morrison, Taj Mahal to Ali Farka Toure, from Bach to Satie and back to swinging children songs. She sings and dances and also likes to do so with the children.

Attie is also the new teacher at Zandloper (the Dutch School which takes place after school hours at AISB), where she is responsible for teaching the Dutch language and culture lessons.

Lysha Lansing Wasser
Lysha Lansing Wasser is thrilled to be joining the team at AISB with his wife Kourtney Wessels, and children River and Aviva.  At AISB, Lysha will serve as an administrator, college counselor, and 8th Grade Language Arts, Spanish I and Yearbook teacher.  Most recently, Lysha has served as an instructional coach at McMinnville High School were he coached over thirty teachers and facilitated Embedded Staff Development which focused on strategies that best serve English Learners.  In the recent past, Lysha taught Advanced Placement World History, The History of Latin America, Spanish, English Language Development, as well as served as Interim Assistant Principal.  While living in Ecuador and working at the American School of Quito, Lysha served as College Counselor and IB A2 English Teacher over five years.  Lysha loves traveling, being in the outdoors, and meeting new people.

Kourtney Wessels
Kourtney Wessels is joining us as the new K-12 ESOL teacher from McMinnville, Oregon in the United States. With a background in Environmental Science, ESOL, and Spanish, Kourtney is a veteran teacher of nine years at the middle and secondary levels.  Kourtney taught 9th grade sheltered science in Oregon before living in Ecuador and teaching middle school ESOL and science for five years at the American School of Quito.  Most recently she taught middle school Spanish and ESOL in Oregon. Kourtney and her husband Lysha Wasser will be joining AISB along with their two children, River and Aviva. She has a passion for learning through travel, spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and gardening, and spending time with family and friends. Kourtney is ready to be swept away by Mali and Africa.


You’re Invited!
Elementary Assembly

All parents of Elementary students are cordially invited to attend our twice-monthly Elementary Assemblies.  This month’s assembly will be held Thursday, September 3rd and hosted by our brand new Kindergarten Class. We hope to see you there!

Here's the schedule:

September 3
Hosted by Kindergarten
September 17
Hosted by Grades 1 and 2
October 1
Hosted by Grades 2 and 3
October 15
Hosted by Grades 4 and 5
October 29
Hosted by Grades 1, 2 and 3 French classes
November 12
Hosted by PreK 4
December 3
Hosted by PreK 3

Back to School Open House September 3
All Welcome

This year’s Back to School Open House will be held Thursday, September 3.  Parents and students are cordially invited to meet the faculty and staff, visit classrooms, and gather information about learning at AISB this year.

The evening will begin at 19:00hrs, concluding by 20:30hrs. We look forward to seeing you all.

High School Trip to Kangaba
The annual High School trip to Kangaba will take place this year September 10 - 11.  Students in grades 9 to 12 will leave campus Thursday morning and spend the night at the Kangaba resort, returning to campus late Friday morning.

During the trip students will participate in team-building and collaborative activities, sports and games that foster deeper connections and help them build understandings of one another outside the regular school context.

There is no cost to parents for the trip; students may bring pocket money for sodas, snacks or paid activities if they choose. Please see the letter to parents for more information.

Middle School “Lock-In”
The Middle School “Lock-In” sleepover takes place tonight, August 28th, here at school, from 14:45 until 08:00 Saturday morning.  Middle School students will play cooperative games and sports, and a movie is planned as well.

Because the focus of this event is on teamwork and community-building, students are asked please to leave their computers in their lockers for the night.

Parents picking up their children on Saturday are asked please to arrive at school no later than 08:00 am.

Visiting Speaker November 13
Making the Transition from AISB to Montréal

We are delighted to announce that AISB alumna Jennifer Provost (Class of 2010) will visit our school November 13th, to meet with Junior and Senior students. Jennifer, who graduated from McGill University in Montréal with a degree in International Development, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in GöttingenGermany and will be conducting an action research project here in Mali over the next few months.

Jennifer will share practical information about major educational institutions in Canada including McGill University, Concordia University and the École des Hautes Études Commercial de Montréal (HEC). Her talk will also provide valuable insights and practical advice about making the transition from a small independent school in Africa to a large Canadian university.

The 11th and 12th grade advisory classes will attend the session; interested 10th grade students are also welcome.

Jennifer Provost and fellow student Katie Caswell, at Siby

English Classes at the American International School Bamako 

AISB is pleased to announce that it is continuing its  After-School Children’s English classes to non-AISB students between the ages of 5 and 16 years.

Please click the link for more information.

Welcome to Grade 2/3

Grade 2/3 did some games and activities to get to know each other and become "a team of champions" (we never give up).

Two groups had the task to create a bridge of lego without talking. How are we able to work together? That was quite a challenge...

The kids  shared what makes them unique:
" I am good at remembering sites."
" I am good at mathematics."
"I am good in being a dog."
" I am good in making paper planes."

Some of the wishes:
" I wish to become a queen."
" I wish to become a writer and illustrator."
" I wish to go to space."
" I wish to become a president of the USA."

College Counseling Corner

11th and 12th graders, it is time to register for the SAT!

This is a critical step if you are thinking about applying to universities and colleges in North America.  The next SAT is on Saturday, October 3rd, and you must register by September 3rd, which is next Thursday.  Don't delay!  Registration can be completed online at:

Please email Mr. Lysha at if you have any further questions.

on Monday, June 1, 2015

Dear Parents, Faculty and Staff,

It is with excitement and sadness that I write the final newsletter for the 2014-2015 school year.  The year was marked by a steady increase in student numbers. I am pleased to tell you that these look set to continue next school year.

We made some major achievements during the year. We finally had the “definitive reception” of the AISB facility. This is stage one of the master building plan. Stage two (25m swimming pool) is budgeted for next school year. Thanks to the generosity of the US State Department, street lighting was recently installed along the dirt access road to the school. As well as improving security in the area around the school, the local children have a new nighttime playground!

Educationally, our students have made above average academic growth (as measured by the MAP scores) as well as grown socially and emotionally. Our school-wide goal of integrating service learning into the K-12 curriculum has also helped students develop a better understanding of those less fortunate than themselves, develop empathy and apply their learning to local issues while also learning from local children and experts. This is set to continue and be further developed next school year. This year we split the MS and HS to give both sections of the secondary school a distinct identity. This has been successful and more appropriate to meet the social and educational needs of our students.

We are all looking forward to the summer vacation but this also means that we have to farewell some members of our AISB community. The following students will leave at the end of this week. We will miss all these students and their families and hope that they have enjoyed their time at AISB and will have fond memories and will stay in touch with their friends and teachers. We wish them all the very best at their new schools.
  • Solenn Gauddisart – PreK 3
  • Madani Kwekam – PreK 4
  • Mackenzie Chandler – Kg
  • Paul Gaudissart – Kg
  • Ambre Bijan Plilippart - Kg
  • Fiona Gauddisart – Grade 1
  • Jackson Chandler – Grade 1
  • Josephine Kaleve – Grade 3
  • Maxwell Briggs – Grade 3
  • Bijan Plilippart – Grade 4
  • Marc Zoungrana – Grade 6
  • Likeal Poulet- Grade 7
  • Mathies Dicko – Grade 7
  • Nego Matsinghe – Grade 7
  • Joseph Kamano – Grade 10
  • Loic Poulet – Grade 10
We also have a large number of faculty members leaving us to move on to other international schools or other endeavors around the world:

  • Christina Arn –Working on local art and ecological art projects
  • Suzanne Anderson - International School of El Tigre, Venezuela
  • Jeff Brown – To be decided
  • Jeff Fessler – Shanghai American School
  • Jamey Young - Shanghai American School
  • Mela O’Brien – Further study - Special Needs Teaching
  • Amanda Leavitt – World Academy of Tirana
  • Chelsea Wilson – Nansha College Preparatory Academy
  • Abby Wilson – Jakarta Intercultural School
  • Matt Kelsey - Nansha College Preparatory Academy
  • Jenise Thompson - To spend more time with family
  • Tikva Chofi – To be decided

I am sure you join me in thanking them all for their service to AISB and to your children and wish them all the very best.

The Final Week

Elementary and Middle School students have a normal week of school this week.

High School students have exams through until Wednesday.

Grade 9-11 students are not required to attend school on Thursday. However all graduation students are expected to be at school by 8:00a.m. on Thursday for a special graduation breakfast and a graduation practice. They need to arrive for the ceremony by 5:30p.m. on Thursday evening.

Friday – Students will be dismissed at 11:45
All students should come to school as normal on Friday. There will be final class activities and cleaning up. There will be a whole school assembly beginning at 10:45a.m. This will include:
- The presentation of honor roll certificates to secondary school students
- The presentation of President’s Awards to grade 4 & 5 students
- The intra-murals award
- Entertainment from some students from all sections of the school
- Farewells to students
- Farewells to staff

Students will be dismissed from the assembly at 11:45. Parents are very welcome to attend.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.


I would like to thank all our teachers and assistants for the work they have done with our students this year. AISB is very fortunate to have teachers who go “the extra mile” for their students. Being a small school they do many different things, “wearing many hats”. I thank them for their dedication to the school and our students.

As most of us head off on holidays, our office staff and support staff are preparing to do the summer maintenance work around the school and making preparations for next school year. They will be taking their annual leave on a rotational basis but the school office will be open throughout the holiday from 9:00 -3:00 each day except for public holidays.

Last Thursday, “Ms Jacoby Day” was quite a surprise! While I knew that there was going to be a farewell assembly I had no idea what the school community had put together. I felt very honored and humbled. Thank-you for your support throughout this year and over my last four years at AISB – it has been quite the ride! I know I will miss AISB and Mali very much – it is a special place. However, the international school world is small and I hope that I will be able to welcome some of you to the International School of Uganda in the future.

 I wish you and your family a safe, happy and relaxing summer vacation. I know my successor, Brad Waugh is very excited to be joining the AISB community. He will be here from July 25th and I know he is looking forward to seeing you when you return from holidays. School recommences on August 18 for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

Happy Holidays and Farewell,
Caroline Jacoby

Please Return Your Library Books and Other School Materials

Please check that your child has returned all their library books. Any books that have not been returned by now are assumed lost and parents will be invoiced for the cost of replacing these. Report cards will not be issued to students who still have missing books and equipment that has not been paid for.

The cost is calculated as the cost of a new book of the same title plus 25% of the cost to cover shipping charges.

Please contact Souleymane Kone ( with any questions.

Storyline-We Love Animals Wildlife Park

Kindergartens were challenged to create characters that are experts at caring for animals.  Here are two of our experts Baba and Lizu.

The experts saw a poster advertising jobs at a new Wildlife Park. They applied for employment and soon after they all were offered jobs at the We Love Animals Wildlife Park. Soon characters were busy researching and making 3-D models of habitats for animals.

The Grand Opening of the Park will be later this week with guided tours by our animal experts.

Mela OBrien

Medieval Festival

In late March, AISB’s 6th grade embarked on a time travel adventure.  We immersed ourselves in the Middle Ages, the time between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance period.  While often referred to as the Dark Age, we soon learned it was anything but dark.  Students were assigned a specific role, from the all-powerful Pope to the lowly serf.  Each student carefully researched and then became their particular character giving life to research.  Students completed interactive research logs about their character, wrote historical fiction journal entries about what living in the Middle Ages in that role would be like, found historical characters and events to interact with and then became them last week.

From researching daily life, to dress, to setting, to place in society; our students gained not only knowledge of the Middle Ages but learned much about setting deadlines, planning projects and time management.

Pope Mell

Along the way we tried our hand at ballad writing, read some great works of fiction and nonfiction, created Coats of Arms to represent our modern families using African prints, and sang to some of our teachers. As you can see from the photos, it was a wonderfully immersive and exciting time to be a 6th grade time traveler!

Amanda Leavitt
Grade 6 LA/Humanities Teacher

Senior Walk Through

On Friday our 13 graduating students donned their graduation gaps and gowns and paraded through the school to “Pomp and Circumstance” as the rest of the school lined the corridors and cheered them as they passed by.

They then joined the parade, which ended in the MPR. The Elementary students sang “Lean On Me” to them.

This was a prelude to the formal graduation ceremony, which will take place on Thursday from 18:00 – 19:00. A number of our high school students have volunteered to serve food at the reception afterwards. They are reminded that this is a formal event and that they should dress accordingly.