Mathematician of the Month: Albert Einstein

on Saturday, November 30, 2013
Did you know that ...
✓ He was born in 1879 (Mathilda)
✓ He was born in Ulm, Germany (Mathilda)
✓ He was born with an abnormal big head (Mathilda)
✓ His first words spoken during dinner at the age of 4 were
‘the soup is too hot’ (Kale)
✓ He started his academic career at the age of 5 (Moussa)
✓ This was inspired by a compass, which his father gave him while he was sick (Kale)
✓ He did not talk fluently until the age of 9 (Mathilda)
✓ He had his primary and secondary school education in Germany (Moussa)
✓ He moved to Italy where he got his first books on science and popular math theories (Moussa)
✓ He left school because he could not handle discipline and authority (Susane)
✓ Before the age of 15 he had an excellent grasp of calculus (Cheick)
✓ He published his first scientific work ‘The investigation of the state of Ether in Magnetic fields’ at that age (Cheick)
✓ At the age of 16 he failed an entrance exam to train to become an electrical engineer (Susane)
✓ He had failed all subjects, except math and science (Mathilda)
✓ He was a scientist and mathematician (Moussa)
✓ After his graduation he spent 2 years searching for a teaching job (Moussa)
✓ His first job was a clerk in a patent office in Switzerland (Mathilda)
✓ He had 3 nationalities: German, Swiss and North American (Mathilda)
✓ He was married to his college girlfriend Mileva Maric (Mathilda)
✓ In the 1980’s his private letters showed he had an illegitimate daughter with her before they married (Kale)
✓ The daughter was given up for adoption (Mathilda)
✓ He had later had 2 sons with her, one son became a university professor and the other had schizophrenia, a mental
sickness (Mathilda)
✓ He discovered the theory of relativity: E=mc2 (Mathilda)
✓ This took him 5 weeks, but 4 years to generalize this theory (Mathilda)
✓ This became the world’s most famous formula (Susane)
✓ In the formula the E is energy, the m is the mass and the c is the speed of sound (Moussa)
✓In 1905 he got his PhD on this topic (Susane)
✓His theory shows that the complexity of the universe can be expressed in the
mathematical terms of calculus (Cheick)
✓An example of this is the physics of gravity (Cheick)
✓It was a very controversial subject at this time (Moussa)
✓He dismissed absolute space and time and thought them relative to the speed of light (Cheick)
✓This report came one of the pillars of modern physics (Susane)
✓He also developed the idea of a quantum (Mathilda)
✓He discovered the law of the photoelectric effect (Susane)
✓In 1924 he was the first person to recognize the principles of monochrome bundled laser light (Angelique)
✓ His work is fundamental to space science and the movement of planets (Cheick)
✓ His work was used to predict the existence of black holes (Cheick)
✓ He received the Nobel prize of physics in 1921 for his contributions to theoretical physics (Susane)
✓ After this he divorced his wife, which poisoned his relationship with his son, Hans Albert, who blamed him for making his mother’s life more difficult financially(Kale)
✓ Later he married his cousin Elsa Einstein (Mathilda)
✓ During the second world war he warned president Roosevelt of the possibility that Nazi Germany developed a nuclear bomb (Mathilda)
✓ In 1951 after leaving a party with his friends, a photographer asked him to smile, being tired he stuck out his tongue. This picture has become very famous (Kale)
✓ After the death of the first president of Israel he was offered the presidency of Israel (Mathilda)
✓ This was in 1952 and he politely refused the offer (Kale)
✓ He loved to sail (Mathilda)
✓ He hated haircuts (Mathilda)
✓ He once built a 14 story high building of cards (Mathilda)
✓ He named his violin Lina (Mathilda)
✓ He hated socks and never wore them (Mathilda)
✓ He charged people for his autograph and donated this money to charity (Mathilda)
✓ He invented the refrigerator(Mathilda)
✓ For his 75th birthday he was given a parrot (Mathilda)
✓ After his death his brain was cut into 200 pieces for research purposes (Mathilda)
✓ This was done by Dr. Thomas Harvey without informing his family (Kale)
✓ Research on his brain uncovered that it had extra-ordinary brain formations (Mathilda)
✓ He died on the 18th of April 1955 in New Jersey (Moussa)
✓ His ideas continue to influence our world, although we do not realize this (Angelique)
✓ Inventions like the CD player, the television, computers, satellites and GPS are based on his work (Angelique)
✓ The principle of a small sensor converting light into electricity which is used in a digital camera today can be traced back to the theory of the photoelectric effect he explained in 1905 (Angelique)
✓ He was an inspiration to many scientists (Cheick)

Fête et Marché de Nöel

MS Science and Math Teacher, Jeff Brown, Visits AISB Sadiola Campus

On Thursday, November 21, Middle School Science and Math teacher Jeff Brown boarded an early morning flight from Bamako to visit the AISB satellite school in Sadiola.  The plane took off on time at 8am, and soon Mr. Brown found himself speeding through the air on the tiny 16 seat plane towards the somewhat mysterious destination of Sadiola.  Mr. Brown had been contracted to work at the satellite school three years ago, but due to unforeseen family circumstances was not able to come at that time.  Not many international schools have satellite campuses in the African bush, so this unique opportunity to visit the school was a welcome detachment from busy Bamako!

Mr. Brown was met promptly at the airport by Mohamed, the school assistant, and whisked off to the campus.  Nine students and one teacher, Ms. Mela O’Brien currently form the class at Sadiola, so the students were eager to have a guest teacher for the day.  Mr. Brown first gave a stimulating interactive lesson on nutrition and the circulatory system that culminated in a hands-on activity where students predicted and determined their heart rates after various forms of exercise.  The younger students then enjoyed two read-aloud adventures, “Homes Around the World” and the Dr. Seuss classic “Green Eggs and Ham”.  Mr. Brown reported that he had a great time at the Sadiola campus and that the students seemed to enjoy having a guest teacher for the day.  Mr. Brown said that he would “go back in a heartbeat!” if given the chance.

The Importance of Play

In 23 years of working with 2-5 year olds in different countries and cultures, I have observed one universal component of learning: creative play is the most important activity in the lives of healthy children.  As children play, they become highly motivated to try new things, gain knowledge and understand and practice skills.  Engaging play helps children to develop skills that they will use throughout their lives.

When Declan and Patrick build a tower in the block area, they are physically interacting with ideas that are completely foreign to them. As they build, they become scientists and mathematicians, facing many problem-solving scenarios. “I wonder what will happen if I put a big block on a small block?  How can we make it balance? How tall can we make this tower?“
When Solenn, Rebecca and Alyssa play in the kitchen area, recreating a real life experience or role-playing a make-believe situation, they become communicators and problem solvers, applying their abilities to negotiate and agree.

When all of them sit at a table to make a collage they are able to see themselves creating and expressing themselves. When playing at the water table they are once again working with science and mathematics. They observe, make predictions and learn through trial and error. For example, how many cups of water do I need to fill the bucket, what can float or sink, can I carry the water in my hands?

I could continue with many more examples, but I think you will agree with me that play is much more than sitting down with toys to pass the time.  The next time you are in the Pre-K area, stop by for a minute and watch us learning.

Waltraud Biron
PreK2 Teacher

Calling All AISB Artists!

The yearbook staff kindly invites all submissions of original art work for the yearbook front page.  We are also looking for smaller pictures to place through out the yearbook.
  • Use 8 1/2 “ X 11” white paper (portrait style) 
  • Write your name, grade and homeroom teacher’s name in small letters in the right bottom corner!  (Ask your teacher for help if this confuses you)
  • No more than 1 entry per student. 
  • Make your artwork NEAT and COLORFUL. 
  • Fill the page—make your picture large and leave very little white space. 
  • Represent AISB or show your school spirit—maybe use our school colors (Red and Black) or school mascot (hippo) in your design. 
  • Draw your favorite school event or memory of AISB. 
  • Include school name “American International School of Bamako” & year (2013‐2014). 
  • Check your spelling! Misspelled entries will not be considered.
  • Turn in to Ms. Leavitt no later than January 31.  Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.
  • First place drawing will be featured on the front page! 
  • Open to all grade levels.

College Counseling News

Senior News
The seven AISB seniors have been hard at work on their college applications over the past month. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who’ve been supporting these students though this process. In just one month, all of the senior applications should be complete. Congratulations to those seniors who’ve already completed some of their submissions. Keep up the hard work!

Underclassman News
The tenth and eleventh grade students have recently finished an evaluation of their transcript(s) and progression toward meeting AISB’s graduation requirements. This important step will help them make educated decisions about course selection for next semester and next year. Starting second semester, I will start working more actively on college planning with the eleventh grade class. Starting preparation this year will make senior year considerably less stressful for these students. On Friday, 10th January, 2014 there will be a presentation for all eleventh grade students and parents at 3:00p.m. to go over the first steps in this process. Please mark this date in your calendars now so you can attend.

Chelsea Wilson
College Counselor

Do You Know Anyone Who Would Be an Inspirational Speaker?

Dear Parents,
In order to ensure a bright future for our young children, the PTO has suggested that AISB organize “Inspirational Talks” for Gr. 6-12 students. The goal is to motivate and encourage them to make good choices today by showing them concrete models of success from the society in which they live.

The PTO would like to invite (and encourage) people who have managed to achieve their dreams or have set targets in their youth and were able to achieve these or who have encountered major obstacles in their lives but who were able to overcome them, to share their experiences and their journey through life with our students.

Parents are invited to suggest people they know who they think would be an inspiration to our students. Please
contact Caroline Jacoby (

Christiane Nsengiyumva

Great DVDs Available in the AISB Library

Human Planet: A breathtaking BBC documentary to be watched by the whole family. .
A Beautiful Mind: After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish
Long Night’s Journey into Day: Provides a dramatic inside look at one of the most innovative and ambitious attempts at dialogue and healing in human history!

You can explore the AISB library from the comfort of your own home by simply following this link: Parents who would like to be guest readers are welcome to read books to elementary classes. Please contact me at:
Souleymone Kone

Library Pick of the Month: Thea Stilton and the Ice Treasure

In this fabumouse adventure, the Thea Sisters head to Alaska, where they're attending a conference held by an important ecological association. Their host and his family are native Alaskans, who show the mouselings their favorite games and activities. But soon there's trouble--the Thea Sisters discover that someone is upsetting the ecosystem by blowing up the ice with explosives! Can the Thea Sisters figure out what's going on and save the day?

KG - Gr 12 Art Show

on Friday, November 29, 2013


The art show on Friday December 6th features artwork that the Kindergarten through high school students have made in their art classes this semester. The elementary students have worked hard and have been creative with printmaking, bogolan, ceramics, drawing and painting. The high school have been busy with three- dimensional work including origami, ceramics, fashion design and architecture.

AISB photos1Visit AISB on Friday December the 6th from 18:00 to celebrate AISB's creativity and stay on to see the "Citronella: A Cinderella Story" afterwards at 19:00.